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Topic outline

  • STEM5

    • The WASP STEM packages have been designed so that teachers from different STEM areas can pick and choose sections relevant to their subject area to work on.  All activities in these packages do not need to be completed to get value for them – each activity can be completed as a stand-alone or can be approached, as a team, as a larger project. The packages have potential to be extended into much longer projects to include curriculum points from different STEM subjects.

      There are three student workbooks - Open, Guided and Scaffolded, that go alongside each resource; all have the same suggestions for activities, however, they have been written and edited to provide differentiated learning options to support good teaching practice.  Teachers may pick and choose which versions they give which students, and may wish to edit them further to address their learning needs.

    • Solar Oven

    • The Student Challenge

      Can you cook a meal without using electricity or gas? Is it possible to use just the power of the Sun to cook food?

      Your task is to investigate solar ovens and then use your findings to design and make a working oven.

    • Possible Activities

      Background Research
      Cooking Pot Colour
      Investigating Reflection
      Reflecting the Rays
      Covering the Cooker
      Increasing Insulation
      Focusing the Sunlight
      Designing a Solar Oven

    • Life on Mars

    • The Student Challenge

      During the late 19th and early 20th centuries, it was believed by some that there were “canals” on Mars, this implied intelligent beings were living on the planet. This was found to be untrue as technology advanced and we were able to get more detailed pictures of the Martian surface. These pictures showed no evidence of infrastructure, however, many scientists believe there is other evidence to suggest there once was, and possibly still is, life on Mars.
      Your challenge is to investigate factors which might help us to plan a mission to Mars, in search for life.

    • Possible Activities

      Background Research
      Chronology of Mars Exploration
      Martian Landings
      Parachute Design
      Coding a Rover
      Designing a Martian Rover

    • Solar Car Challenge

    • The Student Challenge

      Every two years the World Solar Challenge takes place in Australia. This is a solar powered car race which starts in Darwin and finishes in Adelaide (3,022 km). It runs through the Australian outback and was created to foster the development of experimental, solar-powered vehicles. The race attracts teams from all across the globe, most of which are made of people from large corporations or universities. Sometimes high schools also enter teams.
      Your challenge is to investigate the factors which effect the efficiency of a solar car and to use your findings to design a solar car.

    • Possible Activities

      Background Research
      Weight and Speed
      Temperature and Efficiency
      Time of Day
      Incident Light Angle
      Designing a Solar Car