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Topic outline

  • STEM

    • The WASP STEM packages have been designed so that teachers from different STEM areas can pick and choose sections relevant to their subject area to work on.  All activities in these packages do not need to be completed to get value for them – each activity can be completed as a stand-alone or can be approached, as a team, as a larger project. The packages have potential to be extended into much longer projects to include curriculum points from different STEM subjects.

      There are three student workbooks - Open, Guided and Scaffolded, that go alongside each resource; all have the same suggestions for activities, however, they have been written and edited to provide differentiated learning options to support good teaching practiceTeachers may pick and choose which versions they give which students, and may wish to edit them further to address their learning needs.

    • Yr4

      The resources for Year 4 focus on using STEM skills to investigate how Earth's surface changes.

    • Yr5

      The resources for Year 5 focus on using STEM skills to investigate energy and space.

    • Yr6

      The Year 6 resources focus on using STEM skills and knowledge to mitigate the impacts of geohazards.

    • Yr7

      The Year 7 STEM resources focus on the application of STEM to real world earth science issues.

    • Yr8

      The Year 8 STEM resources focus on choosing appropriate materials for a task and exploration for resources.

    • Yr9

      The Year 9 STEM resources focus on engineering for earthquakes, preparing for volcanic hazards and disposal of hazardous earth materials.

    • Yr10

      The Year 10 STEM resources focus on farming for food and sea level rise mitigation measures.