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Topic outline

    • STEM 7

    • The WASP STEM packages have been designed so that teachers from different STEM areas can pick and choose sections relevant to their subject area to work on.  All activities in these packages do not need to be completed to get value for them – each activity can be completed as a stand-alone or can be approached, as a team, as a larger project. The packages have potential to be extended into much longer projects to include curriculum points from different STEM subjects.

      There are three student workbooks - Open, Guided and Scaffolded, that go alongside each resource; all have the same suggestions for activities, however, they have been written and edited to provide differentiated learning options to support good teaching practiceTeachers may pick and choose which versions they give which students, and may wish to edit them further to address their learning needs.

    • Designing a Passive Building

    • The Student Challenge

      A school has decided to build a new Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) facility and has asked students for design ideas. They hope the building will be environmentally friendly and cost effective.

    • Possible Activities

      Background Research
      Investigating Insulation
      Testing the Thermal Mass
      Investigating Colour
      Open Plan Investigation
      Investigating the Effectiveness of Eaves
      Critique of a Building
      Design a Passive Building

    • Making an Orrery

    • The Student Challenge

      The Science technician has been clearing out the storeroom and has come across an old orrery that shows the planets of the Solar System and Earth’s moon. The planets spin around the Sun at different rates, and are different sizes, however, this model is not very accurate. You have been asked to investigate how to make this more accurate so you can build your own orrery.

    • Possible Activities

      Background Research
      Mathematical Modelling
      Timing Turns
      Designing an Orrery

    • Recycling Water

    • The Student Challenge

      The school uses thousands of litres of water a year for flushing toilets, washing hands, watering the lawn etc. This is not very sustainable or environmentally friendly. The school has asked the students to think of ways to use water more sustainably and hopefully save money as well as water. Your job is to research water saving methods and come up with some recommendations. It is important that these recommendations are backed up with calculations and data.

    • Possible Activities

      Background Research
      Washing Away the Water
      Grey Watering the Garden
      Finding Your Daily Average Use of Water
      Planning for Rain
      Calculating the Cost