Year 4

Weathering   Erosion   Soils   Fossils   Landscape Changes   Man-Made Changes

Year 5

Formation of the Solar System      Identifying Planets   Orbits   The Sun and Energy

Year 6

What Lies Below   Volcanic Eruptions   Earthquakes   Tsunamis   Droughts and Flooding Rains   Managing Disasters Scientifically

Year 7 - Oil & Water

Laboratory Techniques Quiz  Resources Quiz  Water Quiz  Oil & Gas Quiz

Year 8 Quizzes

Why Study Rocks? Quiz  Rock Cycle Quiz  Identifying Common Rock Types Quiz

 Rocks and MInerals as Resources Quiz  Aboriginal Perspective Quiz

Year 9

Continental Drift and Plate Tectonics Earthquakes and Volcanoes GIC and Planetary Differentiation Can Humans Move the Earth?

Year 10

Global Systems   Carbon Cycle   The Greenhouse Effect

Climate Change   Sea Ice and Permafrost   Ocean Currents


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