The WASP App has arrived!


We are pleased to announce that our app has landed in iTunes!

To access it click here.

The first two sections concentrate on enriching the Year 7 package -

1. Oil and gas - taking students through the steps to form oil and gas.

2. Water - purifying dirty water in a simulated laboratory.

The third section complements the Year 8 package with

An interactive rock cycle which allows students to revisit various pathways after completing it

An inbuilt rock identification tool which enables the user to store a photograph of, location for and notes about their rocks as well as to identify the sample (based on 20 common rocks).

Click here for a list of the rocks featured in our app.

This addition also allows for posting of results to our Facebook page for further feedback

WASP Information:

- Easy to use, hands-on gameplay. 
- Fun, interactive characters and elements!
- Guide your characters on a journey.
- Multiple topics to choose from.
- Realtime interaction with experiments.
- Set-up your lab equipment.
- Free Updates for more science topics!
- No third party advertising!
- No in-app purchases!

There are a suite of packages to be released, working on the principle that learning Science with simple, hands-on experiments is key.

Year 9: Plate Tectonics is currently in design

Last modified: Wednesday, 26 November 2014, 6:07 AM